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Recycle Bin :: Sites that have been closed but lets hope will be re-open

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(will be moved to NonWorking webs list if down during next update)
List of Non-WROKING websites can be found here.
Maybe some of the ddls are back up so if you have time can heck it. If your site is listed here and it is working again contact us imediatly and we will move you back to the BIG list of working websites with downloads.

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TG Bus / - Slow Slow server but you can use download managers / accelerators like FlashGet to speed up the downloads. Has the latest rom and emulation files. Be patient with this one :) - Most popular GBA roms and more of them should be added soon. [Thanks Angel]  - EmuSUN - SuperSlow Downloads from their anonymous FTP server. (Click on the game title)
In the server adjustment, temporarily severs serves several days.
EmuFAQ - Download some of the best Gameboy Advance roms. Need Registrations. Has screenshots. Spanish site. - Some Pop-ups and Download may be blocked by WinXP SP2 - Right click on the IE Information Bar and select Download File... - Some GBA romz + a large collection of Flash-based games playable online, including arcade classics such as Sonic, Pacman, and Zelda. [Note: Where did all the GBAROM Downloads GO?!] - Latest 100 plus GBA Roms and they ar free without registration or any BS. [thanks Andrew!] - Forum with romz. Need to register for downloading. Latest Submissions. - German site with most anime gameboy advance roms (Look uder Downloads -> Gamez and Romz) - [lots of Topsite on the index page - scroll down and click ENTER at the bottom]
German website on a fast server with ~70 best / most popular game files for dwl. - [Closing Down?] 10 Latest ROMs always available! Latest Emulators. Nicest VisualBoy Advance Skins! 24/7 Support on the forum for all your ROM needs! (Have to Register in order to downoad) - [DOWN] quick register to access - use any fake e-mail. Romz arranged A to Z not according to the release list. Can use our user/pass both of them = gbaroms - is your relyable sorce of EUR eMule / ED2k LINKS. Website is all in SPANISH but European games come in multilaguage form with English / French and German traslation as default. Look under [Roms-Emus]. - [Now only forum] BitTorrent links for those who have Torrent client. - (Romlinks go to TopSites) GameBoy Color, GBA, NES, SuperNintedo and even Virtual Boy roms.
WhiteWings [Loads of annoying Pop-Unders]
Collection of Gba Genesis Nes Sega SNES rom-download links. Only logged in users are able to download.
Taco Bell Alliance - MOST linx broken. No Tacos on this site but if you are hungry got roms - get ready to be served! - Nearly all 8GB of gba roms. Registration necesary for downloading - but it is free.
Roms-Underworld - Official site of the undernet #Roms IRC channel but what we are especially happy to see are the 5 latest gba roms available to download without any registration. Java games available for playing On-Line.
AG - no bandwidth limits, top speeds above 100kb/s, no need to register, many RPG gba roms! Be ware of some naked Manga Anime Hentai babes that are present on this site - or maybe you will like them..
Gamers-Tavern for thouse who are still interested in SNES, NES & GB COLOR roms .Selection of finest games. Download GBA Golden Sun rom 1,2 English, French, Italian. If the English Golden Sun 2 doesn't work try downloading Visual Boy Advance V 1.4 if you have a lower version or other emulator.
PokemonNetX -  most up to date Pokemon roms. Although... Not that hard to be up to date with that sorta rom though =D... High download speed though 60-70kB/s... Has a few guides. Thanks Trinexx. - none of the latest game files + no best of freeware pd roms and some erotic sideshows for gameboy.
Anime Media Center - anime website that has almost all the anime ROMs out there From DBZ to Pokemon to YuGiOh.
RomsDomain - Around 60 most popular Gameboy Advance Roms. From Advance Wars to X-Men and Yu-Gi-Oh. - Registration.[Now redirecting to EmuWizards and leeching from all over the place] Download wide selection of games for various video game consoles. Look for the updates as some of the older links are broken. (All Downloads Offline) Please FIX our link!

Register to gain access to GBA, GBC, DS ROMs in the downloads section. Posting in forum is not required.
Soon to come Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 games.



Found some bad links on this site - let us know.

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To play roms you need

1. Gameboy Emulator
WIN / MAC / Linux / BE


2. Use one of GBA Flash Linker & Cards sets
to play ROMZ on GBASP

gameboy advance sp gba

» Download a Game from the internet.

» Write the game .gba rom file to a Flash Card using USB flash inker. (F2A, Xrom, EZ-Flash, XG2)

flash2advance usb

» Put the Flash Card in the GAMEBOY ADVANCE or SP and play. It will work just like the original game.

xg-flash xg2

» It is an exact backup of the Nintendo cartridge so all the functions are the same as on the real cart!

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