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GameBoy Advance Rom sites that DON'T WORK

(hopefully they have only temorary problems and they will make it back to the GOOD WORKING RomSite LIST)


Advance-Power Title screenshots, and rom information but NOromDOWNLOADS except for the Sierra Adventure Game Rom. Space Quest, Police & King's Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Manhunter, Mixed Up Mother Goose, The Black Cauldron etc.
Buy r4i sdhc dstwo acekard2i
DON'T Be surprised that most of these sites have non working downloads - concentrates on TOP Downloads instead of serving the latest roms. Has a nice simple design.  GBA and WonderSwan DigiMon roms just the firts five rom files from the gba set but they work
Anime-Empire - files are stored at and so they get deleted from time to time. - Romz-R-Uz - Latest romz :) keep these roms for test trials only.
Chaykin - Polish Seagull - has nothing but latest gba roms and Screenshots + appears to have no bandwidth limits!
NOTE: First Click on Read More - then ClickDownload. - Roms for GBA in different languages, and you can request ZN to add a ROM and they will put it in less than 24. New roms are added every week. [ The site is in Spanish - Look for Emulation on the left side menu] - user submitted downloads with voting and short description of the game.
ExtremeEmulation - Commercial Game Boy Roms in A to Z order. The links in red are not working.
GBAShack - Latest GBA and NDS roms. Boxart, In-game screenshots. Fast downloads. - Register to gain access to RomPortal with the 10 latest files or enter user: romplace pass: gba
Rom-Space - ist offline :( Nice German Romsite with many EUR version SNES GBA And Sega Megadrive Roms. Speed ~125 kb/s NOTE: Scroll down the first page with topsite windws and click on ENTER. - Complete GBA ROM collection from 0001 to the Latest -- Thats arround 2000 files / 8 Giga Bytes!
GBA Perfect clear GameBoy romsite with fast downloads of the latest games released. tnx, donques
Haunted Anime - Tons of gba and gbc roms - uncompressed. You get speeds above 100kb/s. Thanks Neogin - Gameboy Advance Forum with Latest RomFiles. Don't have to be a member to download!
Game711 - Forced voting / Most downloads brokn. server in our good friend China but download speed is slow. - Download wide selection of games for various video game consoles. Look for the updates as some of the older rom file download links are broken. The new ones work. (N64 and Genesis leeched from CoolRom)  server in Thailand - Sailormoon Another Story Eng- Super Mario RPG Eng- Terminator 2 Judgment Day - Pokemon Ruby and some more great Gameboy Advance / GB Color and SuperNES games - Nice looking site with easy navigation and some Gameboy Advance Roms and a couple of hundred of Super Nintendo Roms as well as a emulators for both systems Need a password for downloading - when you sign up DO NOT use you main e-mail address as it will most likely get SPAM. - Freeware Game Boy Advance, Genesis, Mega Drive, Nintendo 64 and Super NES files.
Look for "Enter ROMs" at the botom of the page under the "Vote For Us" link. (some forced voting)
Anime World Anime image galleries and fast downloads of Anime GBA roms: Naruto Saikyou Ninja Daikessyu 2 J Shining Force - Resurrection of the Dark Dragon, DragonBall Z - Supersonic Warriors, Yu-Gi-Oh! - Reshef of Destruction, USA Gundam Seed Battle Assault Pokemon - Fire Red Version gba rom Pokemon - Leaf Green Verson.
EmulatorWorld - best games like LOTR, FFTA, DBZ, Zelda etc. Spot the most popular by teh number of hits! EmuRevolution - now changed to Peer2Mail e-mail downloading - before had all GBA roms arranged A to Z
Game711 - server in our good friend China but download speed is slow.
GBXemu - updated: HAD Every rom from 0001 to the latest new release. Free download without registration.
GBA Roms Central - free downloads and new files are added frequently. - at this point only 1 rom - Crash: Nitro Kart - more shuld be added soon.
Polish Seagull - has nothing but latest gba roms and screenshots + apperars to have no bandwidth limits! Large collection of GBA and N64 roms in English + a good looking website and forum. [has POP-UPs] has Sonic Advance 3 in English and many more game listed A to Z. I addicion to GBA roms you can find some of the good old Super Nintendo games here. (thanks for the link BIGGAMASTA)   GbGBA mirror /has the latest releases but downloads sometimes extremely slow - still a good place to look for the free games - WARNING - Say NO to that POP-UP window!!! the downloads are hidden under the DBZ image in a scroll box! - very good gba rom site, includes all the latest games but the site is in french. WARNING - the server is a bit slow so you will see a white page for a few sec. Click OK on the ROMS page to proceed. (Thanks, Princess Mia)
Final Fantasy Ward - Has a fairly good collection of GBA, SNES, and NES ROMs and Emulators.(Thanx, Steve) - B.H.Studio - has the latest released files but you need tu registr to download. Torrents .
ThaiGaming - returning to life after a redesign. [Thx for the link yugiohmaster222]
Roms-Underworld - Official site of the undernet #Roms IRC channel but what we are especially happy to see are the 5 latest gba roms available to download without any registration. Java games available for playing On-Line.   - GBARealm - login to download - We will make a section for sites with LOGIN later this month
Thaigaming - PSX, NES, GB, GBA, N64, SNES and SEGA Mega Drive roms [username: amardu password: ayato] - Taking requests for the roms you would like to be uploaded.. (Thanks, Dave) - Latest GBA rom files with in-game Screenshots and short reviews (Thanks, DarkSuiyoken)
IF you download a file from Emulation Galaxy and it is mistakenly named download.php - rename it to .ZIP
CodeMasterDavis - Nice little site with some emulators and nes snes and Pokemon gba games + backgroud music
WaamDomaind - Click On The Highlighted Section To Download Super Nintendo and GB Advanced - Gogeta DBGT - gba roms collection and more - Great site with a dedicated administrator + Roms + Fast leech protected downloads.
Updated often. [Thanks Whiteboy747] - Zero Tolerance - site with GB Advance romfiles. Files are not ZIPs they are ACE so you need PowerArchiver, winace or another rchiver that can open ace files.
FlamingMonkey - [Bandwidth Limit Exceeded] DBZ for Advance plus GB and uncompressed GBC roms like Zelda Oracle of Ages, Links Awakening and Pokemon Yellow etc. All GBA commercial game roms renamed to comply with GoodGBA standards and ready for download. When you click on the game name in the next page look for the [» Download Link ]. The site has some pop ups, but voting is not forced and you don't have to register to download. (thanks BIGGAMASTA) page has some selected Atari Neo Geo Neo Geo Pocket Master System Mega Drive Sega Saturn Game Boy Color Game Boy Advance SNES NES Nintendo 64 and even Playstation Final Fantasy Nice website with some good downloads like Breath of Fire, Digimon Battle Spirit, DBZ The Legacy of Goku II
Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland, Made in Wario, Pokemon Fire Red Leaf Green Ruby Sapphire some OLD gba rom files sorted A to Z. Don't expect updates or news. Some links work some don't (now who hosts roms on freewebs??? There is no point - they get deleted in a couple of weeks!) - But XOOM is ok... well not all the links work but worth a try if you need some nes roms to play on gba using PocketNES than here is a page with all the best nintendo nes games from Adventure Island to Zelda. (~50% of the linx are broken) Game Boy Advanced roms on Some links need to be updated but most of the downloads still work! More than 260 GBA roms + Very good sites all rom almost fast update time. You need a password to download wich can be found at the HomePage right side -> HERE -> User = amardu Pass = taikuz . It changes fro time to time so if the password doesnt work get the new one from homepage. about 90 working links to free GBA games with screnshots and a short review plus the rom download. chinese gba roms collection old and new Maroi GBA and SNESroms including : Mario & Luigi: Super Star Saga (GBA) Mario Kart Super Circuit (GBA) Super Mario Advance 3:Yoshi's Island (GBA) SM Land 1,2 (GB) and RPG (SNES) roms are on xoom site on freewebs (will not be up for long) Advance Wars gba works but there are lost of broken links already. site is about Fantasy mainly but also has other stuff. Play Games, Download Cool Programs Snes RPG roms as well as free gameboy Pokemon games and more Lots of the most popular gba games and yes you can downlod them! Username: emuparadise Password: gimmedownload gba and gb games - most are in french or euro version wit english and fr. Download Sword of Mana USA! some good files and tools but all in chinese :( This site is fashioned for the least amount of loading time possible for your pages so you can get to the roms quicker and easier. if 2 latest game files is not enough - don't go there! OK - all the downloads arranged A to Z I say you got to love the hosts in China for letting peole share the roms they have with us. Latest gba rom file downloads with screenshots from the games.


(hopefully they have only temorary problems and they will make it back to the GOOD WORKING RomSite LIST)



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2. Use one of GBA Flash Linker & Cards sets
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Flash 2 Advance Card

flash2advance card gba

F2A are the Cheapest Flash Advance Sets. The 256M card has support for EEPROM, 64 and 128M cards need patches for game saves. F2A Linker uses PC Paralel/Printer Port.

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