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GameBoy Advance Rom sites that DON'T WORK

(hopefully they have only temorary problems and they will make it back to the GOOD WORKING RomSite LIST) - if you are Logged in you have access to downloading all USA GBA roms, and NDS roms, as well as
saves and screenshots. 1 download a day for regular registered members. Forum, News and user comments.

Soul Blade - zip files stored on geocities server so will not be online for too long. get them while you can.
Update: most files are already deleted. Geocities does that. - Direct Download Links, Convenient search option. Frequently updated list of files + Blazing fast speeds and best of all there are NO download limits. No advertising, or voting. - You must register & login to download - Collection of GBA Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Megaman, Mario Advance and some more classic games for Game Boy Advance, Gameboyoriginal, SNES, NES, Sega Genesis ... - Cheat codes and Top 10 Legal = Homebrew Gameboy Advance Roms right on the first page. NES and GBAdvance - some downloads work some don't but they have screenshots of the roms - Zelda Roms for NES GB and GBA Super Nintendo plus MegaMan, Pokemon Leaf Green, Red etc. some good old gb advance roms - not too many but working downloads

Following Websites are for Fire Fox users only :( - Nice simple webiste with Direct Downloads of neraly all Gameboy Advance Roms ever released. - Direct Downloads of old Gameboy and GB Color games. Use 7-Zip to open 7z files. - same as above only this time 411+ Nintendo DS games including Nintendogs and Mario 64.  Great selection of GBA, N-GAGE, N64 and NeoGeo roms. To save space some files are compressed using .rar so if you can't pen them you need to download WinRAR. There is voting (it is not FORCED) so vote to support.


Buy r4i sdhc dstwo acekard2i

Good working GBA, :: Gameboy :: Gameboy Advance :: Gameboy Color :: Neo Geo :: NES :: N64 :: Playstation :: Super Nintendo roms. The login information to download gameboy advance roms is emudimension as the id and romfiles as the password. Pass for the 7z files ( ) is emudimension.
NO force voting or nothing similar to it. Just pure emulation downloads from a dedicated server :) - concentrates on TOP Downloads instead of serving the latest roms. Has a nice simple design.  - register to download.

Look under DOWLOADS to find Emulators Game Boy & GB Advance roms 142 Files as well as NES, Sega, Super Nintendo and Kazaa Gold Premium files. sorted roms section with the most popular downloads. - sorry to see them go :(

WRG GBA NEWS - Latest roms always available here. Some of the links to the older roms won't work any more though. This site also has all the boxart and screenshots. Daily updates. OK download speed for a Chinese site. (thanks go to Alexusa03 & Jon of Arc)

Gameboy Avance Emulators + GBA Graphics, File, Header and Patch Utilities, Flash Linker Tools.
Utilities, Tools & Emulator downloads for every console from 3DO and Atari to VirtualBoy and XBox. (no roms)

GBA Paradise

Latest gba files from the release list can be downloaded here. Screenshots and short description including save game type / size and supplier. Network problems have caused the BIG game file list to go down but that should be resolved soon. Be warned that page has POPUPS. Close them by clicking the [x] at the top right corner of the popup page.

all the text is in Chinese so finding the download is a bit harder... Website in chinees. Lots of roms but sometimes the downloads dont work.

Just the best / latest gba game files - hosted on xoom so download wile you can!


There are 2 methods to download of Emuchina:
1. Go to for a download list for the latest roms. Each link goes to their forum, there you have to copy the first part of the url and then add the rom name to it (all given). Oh and you need to register there first, otherwise you can't get onto the forum.
2. Go to , click Roms Download, scroll down to Good Roms and click on Handheld, enter the info below, click on goodgba and hey presto!
Username: emuchina Password: #emuchina Domain: emuchina
A huge list of GBA dumps will appear, including demos, good dumps bad dumps, non comercial roms etc... we are talking about a huge, huge list here. For the people who don't know what the stuff is at the end of each rom (pd), (!) etc..., go here and scroll down to the 3rd post for a list of what all those codes mean.

Otaku Rockin - DownLoad Files > GBA Roms > and pick a game you like. [known before as] - Large collection of roms for all consoles from ATARI to Vecterex. Includes Nintendo GBC GB N64  ...
NOTE: Loads of Pop-Ups andmay even try to install IE Toolbar that you should refuse! - DBZ website with GBA DragonBall Z Roms - Supersonic Warriors, The Collectible Card Game, The Legacy Of Goku 2, Buus Fury and DBZ Taiketsu. - [works only with FireFox] Has got some GBA roms back online. Downloads are absolutely free. Shady also has Nintendo (NES roms) and Atari 2600, 5200 and 7800 online. Updated and easy to download. - RomShare Network with files for Nintendo GBA Game Boy NES SNES Nintendo64 GameCube PlayStation PS2 Game Gear Sega Genesis Atari MAME NeoGeo Pocket Neo-Geo Spectrum Amiga.
NOTE: To download romz files you will need to turn off your popup blocker

Anime Downloads - Anime downloads site with a whole range of anime roms and other GBA and GBC roms all in a simple download section. Also has a large forum with even more downloads for you! - Provides a compilation of the most popular and entertaining RPG video games like Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga, Kingdom Hearts - Chain of Memories, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Zelda GBA games and more. - 100 Latest GBAroms + Patches + Boxart packs. Surprisingly it is all free and with NO-registration! - Large collection of RPG - Role Playing Games for GBA, SNES, Nintendo 64 and SEGA Genesis. - [Warning: Site has PORN Pop-Ups. Click on [x] to close them]
German site with Loads of roms for all popular & classic consoles. No registration needed! - Direct downloads of Nintendo DS (NDS) roms. Thanks for the link Ant1jr. - offers close to 100 gba roms free, direct download, with no popus or waiting time what so ever. - Dragonball Z and Yu-Gi-Oh gba games. Click on the [Enter Roms] link above the login.

Pokemon Fan_25 Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Red emulator roms - most of the anime gba roms for download for free with no registrations required (10 dwl limit). If you do registr you can download more than 10 files in one day. - Simple site with some good gb advanced romz!
World Wide Roms Got roms and emulators for Gameboy Advance, Nintendo 64 and SEGA more on the way.. ~150 best (jaccinc selection) gba roms. I wish they would update more often!
EmuVortex net - ALL GBA ROMS from 0001 to the latest release. Lets hope they can keep it up! All the latest GameBoy Advance game files plus great collection of GameGear roms patched with SMS2GBA emulator so that you can play them on the GBAdvance ! Polish server with a couple of game files. check for updates. MSN Groups - what a nice place to put some illegal files ;) All sorted A-to-Z Nice work! (roms stored on xoom so some of the links will get broken with time) Great work from Left Foot! Pokemon Ruby , Pokemon Sapphire and more. For some bigger games You'll need WinRAR to put the files back together. First, unzip each file to a single folder, then click on "goldensun2.part1.rar" and WinRAR will put the rom back together. Contra, Harry Potter and more of must have romz + screenshots Megaman Fusion an Megaman Zero up for download 2 roms Love Hina and DragonBall Z: Legacy of Goku :( not too good of a work from the Emulation Galaxy long name and long list of games that you can get here for free! Only x 1 DBZ rom right now Rom Fusion lates file downloads. The way they should be - with screenshots and working links. Thumbs up!


Emulation Unlimited

GBA ROMs 70+ (EU accepts any request for gba roms) 50+ SNES ROMs 190+ NES ROMs A few psx isos A good and active forum. Only thing i don't lieke is the forced click on the sponsor BUT from there on you get happy downloading fast server in Korea (Sorry for mistaking it for a China server earlier this month!)  - that makes it even better has roms with screenshots for the following systems : GBA, SNES, NES, MAME, NeoGeo etc Lots of slow (server runs on DSL) rom downloads GB GBC and GBA games that are updated now and than Download Gameboy Advance RPG roms : Sword of Mana, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - not all of the links are working.. IMPORTANT - there is a trick to get games rom this page - When it starts to load and you see the page push STOP on your browser or it will forward to another page with no rom games. MegaMan and RockMan games and videos  Cant host them all so they are hosting the IGN Top Rated GBA Game Roms + Final Fantasy Tactics Advance! I hope they stand the Test of Time - Latest 10 GBA roms as well as a collection of earlier released roms.
(WARNING - for A-Z gba roms download uplet must be installed.)

Here you can find best GBA games + free gb, gbc, dc, neo geo, n64 and snes roms. For accessing the DownloadServer the login id is "emudimension" and password is "downloads" - could change in the future. If you incounter problems disable pop-up blockers and firewalls when downloading. USA_GBAROMS

Large collection of the best game files - Be quick to grab these direct downloads stored at good fast xoom!

You have to love Italy and Xoom for letting sites like this to exist - a to z gba roms and the downloads actually work. best roms - fast downloads but hosted on xoom so will not stay there for to long. Note that many small websites leech their downloads from here.

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